PerkinElmer Optima 8300 with S10 Autosampler, Windows 10 PC & Syngistix™ for ICP

The Optima™ 8300 is a bench-top, dual-view ICP-OES with two solid-state SCD detectors, delivering superior detection limits and true simultaneous measurements.

With PerkinElmer’s patented Flat Plate plasma technology, the same robust, matrix-tolerant plasma is generated and maintained with almost half the argon consumption of helical load-coil systems.
Maintenance-free and requiring no cooling, this whole new approach to RF generation minimizes operating costs without compromising performance. Flat Plate plasma technology is designed to run at 8 liters/minute plasma gas flow at any RF power, allowing for robust plasma conditions.

The Optima 8300 offers a wide range of features:

  • Flat Plate™ plasma technology
  • PlasmaCam™ viewing camera
  • advanced optical system
  • patented dual viewing of the plasma
  • two high-performance, solid-state SCD detectors
  • unique shear gas system
  • adjustable, quick-change torch cassette.

The Optima 8300 is controlled by the new Syngistix ™ for ICP software, a workflow-based software that accelerates and simplifies the path from the sample to the results.

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Optima 8300 Brochure