TGA 8000 with Autosampler

PerkinElmer TGA8000 with autosampler, Windows 10 PC & Pyris software

The TGA 8000™ Thermogravimetric Analyzer gives you complete control over your sample environment and delivers high throughput and reliability.

Some TGA8000 details at a glance:

  • Sensitivity: 0.1µg
  • Temperature range: 25 – 1200 °C
  • Scan rates: 0.1 – 500°C/min
  • Up to four sample gases can be connected. Gas flow from two inputs is software controlled with MFC.
  • External gas mixing of up to three gases is optionally available.
  • Measurement under vacuum is optionally available.
  • 48-position autosampler

The TGA8000 is connected to the PC via USB and controlled by the Pyris software.

Price on request

  TGA8000 Brochure