Optima2100 DV

PerkinElmer Optima 2100 DV with S10 Autosampler, Windows 10-PC with GPIB-Interface & Syngistix™ for ICP

The Optima ™ 2100 DV is a dual-view ICP-OES with a CCD array detector, which guarantees outstanding detection limits and a very wide working range.

The Optima 2100 DV only needs a very short warm-up time, Therefore, the device is ready for use very shortly after being switched on.

The Optima 2100 DV at a glance:

  • The CCD array detector analyzes the samples at high speed.
  • Exceptional reliability of the solid state RF generator.
  • Optical dual view system ensures the widest working area and exceptional detection limits.
  • The automatic integration per element improves the sample throughput.
  • Versatile wavelength selection ensures flexibility in the analysis
  • Dynamic wavelength stabilization ensures exceptional long-term stability
  • Improved sample throughput and optimized measurement results through simultaneous background correction

The Optima 2100 DV is controlled by the new Syngistix ™ for ICP software, a workflow-based software that accelerates and simplifies the path from the sample to the results.

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  Optima 2100 DV Brochure